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Smith Photos 

 steph and Ian


This website is a photographic story of Steph and Ian Smith, at home and around the world.

Like most people, we had shoeboxes full of pictures taken of our family, the places we have lived, and of our holiday trips.  A few years ago, we sorted through everything and had them digitized and have selected from them for the photos and slide shows on this site.


Family Re-union


Ian was born in Edmonton in 1941 to Dorothy and Ian Smith and had three sisters: Bonnie (died in 2008), Maureen (still alive and kicking up her heels), and Sandy (died in 2010).  Dorothy had two sisters and a brother, Harry, Lois, and Vonnie (all four are now passed).  Her mother, Bertha (Pearl), was married to Albert Knight, who died in 1924 in a tragic accident when Dorothy was young.  Ian Senior was born in Wolf Creek to Joseph and Mary Jane Smith and had four brothers: Ed, Joe, Norman, and Allan.








Steph was born in London, England in 1943 to Frank and Betty Jarosz.  Frank escaped from Poland in 1939 and served as navigator on bombing raids during the war.  He was from a large family and there may well be Polish relatives of whom we are not aware.  Betty's father Harry was a London cab driver and her mother was Sophie.  She had a sister, Joan. 

Steph has a sister, Kate, but all her other close relatives have passed away.





Click here for a slide show of our family.