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Ursine Mountain Climbers

If you have ever seen the Banff Film Festival World Tour, you probably thought that free climbing was a unique human talent.  You'll appreciate the skill of these unbelievable mountain climbers!

The woman who took the video says that these are Mexican black bears, mother and cub, climbing the Santa Elena Canyon wall in Texas.

Age Activated Attention Disorder

I know a few people like this!!

Laser Racing Commentary at the 2012 Olympics

This may be my favourite all time internet link.


Unbelievable Stunts

Hans Rosling on TED Talks

Perhaps the best presentation every given. Click here to see it.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Test your hand-eye co-ordination to see if wine is starting to affect your reflexes. Click here and when the new window opens, click on the man's nose. If you successfully do that, you're good to go for more wine - otherwise, you'd better lay off......