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Directions from the Departure Bay Ferry

As you come off the ferry just keep following ferry traffic. Shortly you'll see a green overhead sign that points to the right and says "to Parksville, Port Hardy" Keep following to the right and you'll see another sign which says the same thing. Just follow the ferry traffic (through a normal neighborhood) for a few blocks and after going up a short hill turn right on 19A (it may not be marked but it's a main road and you really can't go anywhere else much) and follow the road for several miles through Nanaimo (19A is also called "Island Highway). You'll stay on this road (passing quite a few box malls and traffic lights) as you travel north through Nanaimo. Eventually, you'll merge onto the main highway, Hwy 19. (The last store you'll see should be a big SaveOn Foods on the left.)

After a few kilometers, you'll see some billboards along the road on your right. Now is a good time to get in the right hand lane. A few minutes after that, the speed limit changes from 90 to 60. Now start watching for the Petrocan service station just round the corner at the bottom of the hill. Turn right at the Petrocan on to Northwest Bay Road. Follow the road over two sets of railroad tracks and then turn right on to Powder Point Rd. Follow this road to the four-way stop where Powder Pt. now becomes Fairwinds Drive (you'll see the Fairwinds sign there). Go straight through and stay on this road for a couple of kilometers (it's very rural) untill you see a large building (the Fairwinds Center) on your left.  Keep going two more blocks and turn left onto Collingwood Drive.  Go one block and turn left onto Cambridge.  Drive to the top of the hill and turn right onto Carmichael. Go one block and turn right onto Carlisle and that's us!! We're the only house on the left.

Directions from the Duke Point Ferry

Exit the ferry area following the traffic and turn north onto the main highway (Highway 1 or 19 - same thing near Nanaimo).  When you come to the Hwy 19  Nanaimo bypass to go to Parksville, take it. After about 15 minutes or so, you will reach the billboards that are described above.

Directions from the Comox Airport

Travel south on Highway 19 towards Nanaimo. About 5 minutes after you pass the last Parksville exit, you will pass a service station on your right and then start down a long hill. Towards the bottom of the hill, you will come to a 60 KPH zone for Nanoose Bay. Turn left at the Petrocan mentioned above and follow those instructions.