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Fall 1996

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italyOur first visit to Italy was in the Fall of 1996 when we flew first class (on points) from San Francisco to Milan and rented a car for a driving holiday.

We drove to Genoa and hiked the Cinque Terre and then visited Portofino.  A few days later, we drove to Pisa to see the great leaing tower and the duomo and then on to Florence.

We stopped in at San Gimingnano on the way to Siena for a couple of days and then drove on to Assisi.  From there, we travelled to Rome.

A long drive back to Milan and home.

Fall 1999

The slide show also has a few pictures of a later trip to Rome when we visited Dave and Stella while we were living in Vienna.

June, 2008

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We agreed with 6 friends to share a country home in Tuscany for a week, which we parlayed into a three week holiday to include a tour of Southern Italy.

September, 2011