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Photo Upload

To send more photos to me than is convenient in an email, you can use the file upload feature that I have installed on this website.  It's easy to use and will allow you to send me any photos that you would like me to have or that I need to post.

Here are the instructions on how to do that.

  1. You need to know the URL (address) of my Photo Upload tool, which I will send to you if you ask me for it (when you get it - bookmark it so you can find it again).
  2. Load all of your photos onto your PC or Mac from your camera (or iPad, etc).
  3. Cull them!
  4. If you want captions on your photos (which are really helpful to viewers), change the file names, for example from "IMG-9023.jpg" to "Janes sixth birthday party.jpg".
  5. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) and select the bookmark for my Photo Upload tool page.
  6. In the box labled "New subfolder? Name:", type in any file name that you like - it doesn't matter what you use as long as it's different from the last time you did it!
  7. Click the Browse button and find the photos that you'd like to send me.  You can select one or a group and then click "open".
  8. When you have done that, another browse button shows up so that you can do the same thing for the second photo or group of photos - and so on until you've finished (I have set a limit of 15 to the number of photos you can upload at one time so that things don't take too long - particularly when a mistake occurs!).
  9. When you have entered the pointers to all the photos that you'd like to send, click on "Begin Upload" (if there are more than 15 photos, it won't work, so check before you click).
  10. When the upload is complete, you get a short report and, if you need it, a button that allows you to send another batch of photos by going through the process again.

Send me an email that you have sent me some photos (this tool doesn't let me know that you've done that) with instructions about what you'd like done with them (a title, subject, when they were taken - that kind of thing).

As soon as I can, I'll add your photos to the proper website (in a slideshow if appropriate) and broadcast a message that they can now be seen. 

If you have any difficulties with this process, call or write me.