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Okanagan Wineries 2017

Day 1 - Northern Wineries (en route to HC)

Dirty Laundry

I haven't tasted a lot of their wine, but the couple that I've had didn't impress.  I've put it on the list because I know that some don't agree with me and quite like these wines.  Besides it's in a good location to stop on your way to Hester Creek or on the way home if you're travelling through Merrit.

Location: 7311 Fiske Street, Summerland

Day 2 - Central Okanagan (North of HC)

Hester Creek

What can I say - you'd have to go out of your way not to go into the tasting room! You can decide for yourselves if they make good wine or not.

Location: ground zero.

1. Oliver Twist Winery

Tasting room open 10-5:30.

John Schreiner review sounded good.

398 Lupine Lane
Oliver, BC

2. Stoneboat Winery

Tasting room open 10-5:30 (confirm).

Looks good from the website and it is on the organized tour, so should check it out.

356 Orchard Grove Lane, Oliver, BC

3.  Le Vieux Pin Winery

Tasting room open 11-5:00

3a. Quinta Ferreira

Open 10am-6pm

6094 Blacksage Road
Oliver, BC

3b. River Stone Estate Winery

I'll be going by and will stop if it looks interesting.

Sent an email to winery for hours.

143 Buchanan Drive
Oliver, BC

4. Noble Ridge Winery

Recommended highly by Jennie Ransom.

2320 Oliver Ranch Road
Okanagan Falls BC

4a. Liquidity

Nice looking building but restaurant didn't get good reviews from our other Probus group.  On my route, but will probably skip.

4720 Allendale Road
Okanagan Falls, BC

5. Meyer Family

This wine has been on my list to visit so long that I can't remember why! Maybe I should just go there and find out.

Location: 4287 McLean Creek Road, Okanagan Falls

Okanagan Falls

Lunch time.

6. Fairview Cellars

Open 11am-5pm

I've only tasted two wines from this winery: one good, one not so much. I've put it on the list because an Okanagan local told me that Fairview was a great winery and worth a visit.

Location: 989 Cellar Road, Oliver

7. Bartier Brothers Winery

Recommended by several friends.

Included in the wine tour that the group is taking.

Tasting Room at the Cerqueira Vineyard, 4821 Ryegrass Rd., Oliver, BC

8. Culimina Estate

Their winery does look good. John Schreiner, who I think knows what he's tasting, rated their Hypothesis ($38) as 91-94 points. So maybe their wines are as well.

Included in the wine tour that the group is taking.

Location: 4790 Wild Rose Street, Oliver

8a. Cassini

Good reds, particularly the syrah and Maximus. Well located, so easy to stop at if you're going by.

Location: 32056 Hywy 97, Oliver

Day 3 - Naramata Bench (and Wineries en-route)

1. Van Westen Vineyards

Tasting room by appointment, set it up for 10:30 if possible.

Ranked #8 Best winery in Canada by the Judges of the 2012 Canadian Wine Awards. Although neither Jim Crist or I have tasted their wines, he thinks that this winery would be worth visiting and I agree.

2800A Aikins Loop, Naramata, BC

2. La Frenz

In my opinion, the best winery in BC. Almost all their wines are great and many are superb. If you haven't been here, this is a don't miss.

Location: 1525 Randolph Road, Penticton (Naramata)

2a. Tightrope Vineyards

Jim recommended this winery and it looks interesting, so visit if there is time.

3. Hillside Estate

Some decent wines. We like their reds and recommend their restaurant for a lunch stop. Also, a good chance to check their selection as their wine club prices are very attractive.

Make a reservation for lunch.

Location: 1350 Naramata Road, Penticton (Naramata)

4. Pentage

Open 11-5:00.

I've been told by a couple of people who visited the winery that Pentage's wines are very good. I've never tasted any and a visit would be a great place to find out if I agree. Their wines seem to be reasonably priced.

Location: 4551 Valley View Road, Penticton

5. Painted Rock

Open 11-5:30.

This winery has been on my radar screen for quite a while. I don't know their wines well, but they have been recommended to me by people who should know. John Schreiner rated their merlot 92 and Natalie MacLean says: "I don't give these scores or accolades lightly. Your reds, in particular, blew me away".

Location: 400 Smythe Drive, Penticton

Extra Wineries if they are open and timing works.

Lock & Worth Winery

Tasting room doesn't open until the May long weekend, so we probably won't be visiting this one.

Steph tasted this wine at Olo Restaurant in Victoria.

1060 Polar Grove Road, Penticton BC

Poplar Grove

I've always liked their wines but stopped buying them a few years ago when they jumped their prices. They're back in line now and they have good wines. The Pinot Gris Viognier is one of our favourite white sipping wines. A revisit is on our list.

Location: 425 Middle Bench Road, Penticton (Naramata)

Laughing Stock

Unless they've upgraded since we were there a few years ago, an unpretentious tasting room, but they make a few good wines. Their Portfolio won best red wine in Canada in 2007 and we still have a couple of those bottles. It would be nice to get an update.

Location: 1548 Naramata Road, Penticton

Day 4 - Southern Wineries (for the trip home)

Select only one or two before leaving and will depend on the ferry time we hope to take.

Burrowing Owl

Having visited BO several times and having bought 2-3 cases a year of their wines for a long time, I don't need to see them again. I have included this winery for anyone who hasn't yet visited them. You really should. I think that they are one of the best wineries in the valley and they have a lovely winery, tasting room, and restaurant.

Location: 500 Burrowing Owl Place, Oliver

Black Hills

Premium wines. A tad on the expensive side, but I've never tasted a Black Hills wine that I didn't like.

Location: 30880 Black Sage Road in Oliver.


Always a great place to visit. Restaurant looks OK and they have quite a few good wines. Their 2003 Merlot is probably the best Canadian red wine I've ever tasted so I'm always looking for a repeat.

Location: 1400 Rancher Creek Road, Osoyoos

La Stella

This winery was included in a blog I found called "10 best wineries in the Okanagan". Does anyone know anything about them?

This might be an interesting winery to visit. Their regular wines are reasonably priced but their better wines are some of the most expensive in the valley. They ship cases for free.

Location: 8123 148th Avenue, Osoyoos

Seven Stones Winery

Possible stop in the Similkameen. Their merlot is ok.

1143 BC-3, Cawston, BC